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Kpop. As a lot of you may or may not know, Kpop is basically, well, Korean pop music. And Kpop is a global phenomenon and is currently taking over the lives of your average teenage girls (such as me) and guys too of course. There are thousands and thousands of kpop groups and over a 100 million dedicated fans around the globe supporting them. But the thing is, a lot of people still don’t listen to kpop, and it’s not getting the recognition it deserves! So today I’m gonna talk about why you SHOULD listen to kpop.

Now first, I know a lot of you are probably thinking Why on earth would I want to listen to music in another language which i don’t understand?! Well, hold on there a second. Sometimes with good music, you don’t need to understand what it says. Take despacito, and yes it’s like the most overplayed song ever but there was a reason it was popular in the first place and that’s because it’s really catchy and has a good melody!

Kpop is great especially if you’re into hot guys, or girls. But of course there are many reasons more than that. All of the idols are extensively trained in singing/rapping and dancing. Some idols will train for over 8 years, some of them have even trained for 15 YEARS, which is a lot. That means their dancing is really polished up and so are their vocals or rapping skills.

Kpop is not only about the song but about the music video too. The music videos always have a lot of time, money and effort invested into them and are all really top notch. They have lots of different sets, great ideas, cool themes, amazing dance moves, and all of that along with a great song! Usually groups release two albums each year, and each one has a different concept which drives the music video production. And some groups also release short films and teasers before each album to hype everyone up!

All of the music videos actually have really elaborate storylines and in all of them you can also see that they sing and dance at the same time, and in concerts they do that as well. So instead of just sitting or standing and singing like many american pop stars, they will sing and dance at the same time and they don’t even go out of breath. They all have extraordinary choreography, they are all literally in sync, really catchy music, amazing aesthetics and artistic flair.

There is also a lot of variety in kpop, so you’re bound to find a group that suits your taste. With R&B, hip hop, synthpop, soul, rock, ballad, urban contemporary, dance-pop, rap and of course pop. That’s a lot of different types of music! Plus, many of the songs aren’t about love either, some have really deep meaning to them too. A line from a song by the kpop group B.A.P says “It’s too early for failure, you’re still young. One shot, one chance. There’s no second chance, don’t lose it, get ready now” which is saying to don’t let your opportunities go to waste. But that being said, there are still many great love songs out there.

Kpop is also being recognised globally now, with BTS recently having won an award at the Billboards. Kpop groups are continuing to make music and inspire people around the world.